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Re: suggested feature -- console-mode frame title sets Xterm title

From: Martin Pool
Subject: Re: suggested feature -- console-mode frame title sets Xterm title
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 18:35:09 +1000
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On 16 Oct 2003, Miles Bader <address@hidden> wrote:
> "Eli Zaretskii" <address@hidden> writes:
> > However, while redesigning, please keep in mind that select-frame-by-name
> > is used on tty's (by users who set up several frames on tty's) much more
> > than it is on windowed displays.  So the new implementation of
> > select-frame-by-name should be inobtrusive enough on tty's.
> That's been part of the discussion all along, so I don't think there's
> much danger of the issue being ignored; I think the changes that Martin
> proposed would do the right thing.

The main thing giving me trouble at the moment is: what should
set-frame-name do?

The obvious thing would be to make it set the name (f->name).  It's
documented only in the context of replacing F%d with something more

However, on X frames it has the user-visible behaviour of setting the
title, although inside emacs it is really setting f->name.  Once you
have done this, the format produced by frame-title-format is no longer
seen.  I wonder if any users count on this?

I can't think of any consistent way to resolve it, so I propose that
we make set-frame-name simply set the name, and we let people set the
title using the existing mechanisms (frame-title-format, etc).  

People who wish to assign nicknames to their frames can put that in
the frame name, and then include the name in the title format.

We could also add a set-frame-title to set an explicit title
overriding that produced by -format, but that might be an unnecessary

This behaviour will be the same on tty and graphical frames, which
should be good for everyone.


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