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Re: suggested feature -- console-mode frame title sets Xterm title

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: suggested feature -- console-mode frame title sets Xterm title
Date: Thu, 16 Oct 2003 10:06:49 -0400

    Here is how I think it should work on the inside:

      f->name holds the frame's name, which is initially F%d and can be
      set by set-frame-name

      f->title holds the title generated by frame-title-format, except
      it holds the "explicit title" if one is set.

      f->title is always used for the window title on X or (where possible
      and desired) on ttys.

      f->name is used for the '%F' format in mode-line-frame-identification.
      If you want, you can even put '%F' in frame-title-format to include
      the frame name.

It sounds good to me.  Perhaps it will be necessary to have a separate
field for the explicit title (or nil if none).  Don't hesitate to add

    We have a choice of either making select-frame-by-name look only at
    f->name (as it does on tty frames at the moment), or having it also
    look at titles as Miles suggested.

I think looking only at the name is cleaner and simpler,
and on X people probably won't care anyway.

                                        If we choose the first, we could
    add select-frame-by-title.

I wouldn't bother, since I doubt many people will really want to do

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