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Re: [mew-int 01585] Re: windows 1252

From: 山本和彦
Subject: Re: [mew-int 01585] Re: windows 1252
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 15:13:50 +0900 (JST)

From: Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden>
Subject: Re: [mew-int 01585] Re: windows 1252

> > The one-and-only coding-system which, I found, meets the requirements
> > above is 'ctext.
> In that case, extending ctext to handle the problem we were discussing
> in this thread would not be a good idea: IIRC, XEmacs doesn't support
> extended segments, and non-MULE Emacsen certainly don't.  Or am I
> missing something?

Speaking non-Mule Emacsen first, they can handle only US-ASCII and
ISO-8859-1. They cannot display other character sets defined in ctext.
But Mew users are happy because they use Mew in a proper way (see

Some Mew users may ask a questoin:

Q) I'm using Emacs 20.7 and when I received Japanese messages, Mew
   displays Japanese correctly. But when I use Mew on Emacs 19 and
   read a cache of Summary, the part written in Japanese is not
   displayed well. Why?

The answer is:

A) Since Emacs 19 does not support Japanese, Japanese cannot be
   displayed on Emacs 19. If you want to display Japanese, use Mew on
   Emacs 20.7.

The situation is the same for XEmacs. Suppose we extend ctext of Emacs
21.4 to handle window 125x.

Q) I'm using Emacs 21.4 and when I received window 125x, Mew displays
   it correctly. But when I use XEmacs, it displayed broken. Why?

A) ctext of XEmacs cannot handle window 125x. If you want to display
   window 125x, use Mew on Emacs 21.4.

Note that this method of Mew has been surviving for last ten years
on the multi-language and multi-Emacs environment.


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