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Re: Drag and drop patch for X, please review.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Drag and drop patch for X, please review.
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 21:22:09 +0100

The enclosed patch adds drag and drop support (well, actually only
drop) in X to Emacs.  The protocols supported are XDND (the most
used nowdays, by Mozilla, OpenOffice, Gnome, KDE etc.) and the old
KDE 1.x protocol.  You can currently drop file names and text.
Files will be opened and text inserted (at mouse position).  Http
urls and such are just ignored, probably there is something more
intelligent one could do, suggestions?

You could call browse-url on them.  My browse-url handles the mailto:
protocol within Emacs.

I will do that, it is probably the best thing to do.

One could also call the handlers of browse-url for all treated URL
types, and for the rest insert <URL:http://the.link.address> into the

It would be nice if I could give it to browse-url first and then catch
the error if there is no handler, but that doesn't seem to work since
by default it seems that browse-url justs hands off the url to a
browser (if I am reading it correctly).

        Jan D.

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