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Re: Drag and drop patch for X, please review.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Drag and drop patch for X, please review.
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 22:14:45 +0100

There is one problem with this, I need to know beforehand what Emacs
is going to to with the URL to tell the drop source if Emacs is
the URL or not.  Consider dropping text that will be inserted in a
It is not useful (or easy to make it work correctly) to drop that on the
tool bar, menu bar or scroll bar.  If you have multiple windows in the
frame, it is hard to select the one the user intended.  Also, if the
buffer is read only, we don't want to accept a drop there. So currently
these kind of drops are not accepted.

In those cases, it could just copy the url to the kill-ring and print a
suitable message in the echo area, e.g. Use C-y to insert the dropped URL.

That is a very good suggestion, I'll try it.

        Jan D.

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