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Re: Drag and drop patch for X, please review.

From: Jan D.
Subject: Re: Drag and drop patch for X, please review.
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 10:46:03 +0100

However, the menu bars could be treated differently, since the C code
can tell whether the pointer is in a menu bar.  Likewise, maybe Emacs
could always reject drops in scroll bars, or in the echo area when the
minibuffer is inactive (or maybe always in the echo area).

IMO, dropping it in the echo area/mini buffer should mean to copy the
file-name/whatever to the kill-ring unconditionally.

Hmm, I think it is likely that someone might want to drop say a file
name (i.e. mark a file name in some other application and drag it to
Emacs) to the mini buffer, and really have the text inserted there.
I am talking about dragging text here, not a uri-list, which currently
opens the file instead (for example, dragging from a file manager).
I think this operation is the same as doing copy/past with the mouse
from another application to Emacs mini buffer.  Wouldn't it be strange
if drag-drop and copy-paste behaved differently for the mini buffer?

Mode lines also would have to be treated uniformly, I guess.
Is there a useful meaning for a drop in the mode line?

Well, if a drop of a file opens the file, it should do it for the
mode line also I think.

But contrary to dropping it on the menu-bar (which does
find-file-other-window), I think that dropping it on the mode line of
a window should open the file in that window.

That is what I am doing now, so if you have several windows in a frame,
the one where a file is dropped is used.  This happens anywhere in the
buffer, not just the mode line.

        Jan D.

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