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Re: More enhancements to fringe bitmaps.

From: Nick Roberts
Subject: Re: More enhancements to fringe bitmaps.
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 16:59:32 +0000

 > As a side note, I also find it hard to get used to NOT being able
 > to set a break-point with the mouse in a source buffer which is
 > not "side-shifted".

But you can set a breakpoint, by clicking in the fringe, using the code that
you wrote (the local variable gud-minor-mode needs to be non-nil, though).

 > I don't see why the two approaches cannot live side by side, i.e. let
 > it be a user option whether the breakpoint should be in the display
 > margin or in the fringe (when available, and it has a width >= 8
 > pixels):
 > I.e. something like..

I would prefer to have just one approach. If the general preference is to
use the fringe then I'll move the breakpoint icons there.

> The new code I added explicitly handles the overlay arrow as an
> overlay also in the fringe, i.e. the > icon is shown above another
> bitmap (eg. a breakpoint icon) in the same position.

This certainly makes the fringe more attractive.


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