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Re: Suggestion: Mapping of M-g should be goto-line

From: Jari Aalto+mail.linux
Subject: Re: Suggestion: Mapping of M-g should be goto-line
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2004 14:25:24 +0200
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* Thu 2004-03-25 Danilo Segan <dsegan <AT> gmx.net> mail.default.spool
| That's only a reason to educate them better, ...

That is not the correct way. I believe that if there is functionality
that is not appropriate for the 99 % of the users, it should be
changed - not matter what other "education" might then be.

But you missed the point. Emacs is a companion. It should be a good
one.  Right now M-g is not a good companion. It could be much better
with goto-line.

| I suggest you try "emacsclient -n +5 path/to/file"
| ... With all this, I rarely if ever need to use M-x goto-line.  

For you maybe. I believe the more user friendly Emacs is, the better
people get a hand on it. Why do you think there is vi(1) people
that never touched emacs? Or Windows users that use programmer's 
file editor instead of Emacs?

Little things can make a difference sometimes. M-g could play a tiny
part towards it.

| For "average joe", we want to make them learn the better way.

Sure, they can add line to .emacs to map goto-line. Everybody
can. Millions of users can. But that's unproductive and unnecessary.


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