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Re: address@hidden: vc-diff uses unknown -L switch]

From: Andre Spiegel
Subject: Re: address@hidden: vc-diff uses unknown -L switch]
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 12:35:32 +0100

> It seems vc-diff-internal is using -L flags for diff.  Labels don't seem to
> be supported by Solaris 8 diff.

Usage of -L was introduced in vc.el in March 2004.  At the time, there
was some discussion about whether that switch was available in enough
versions of diff.  Back then, people seemed to agree it was widespread
enough.  Solaris 8 is a fairly important operating system though, and if
it doesn't support -L natively, I think vc.el needs to be able to deal
with this.

Stefan, can you have a look?

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