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Re: ja-dic.el and SKK-JYSYO.L

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: ja-dic.el and SKK-JYSYO.L
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 2010 20:46:01 -0500
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>> If we do that, we need to replace the file by a URL in the tarball (so
>> the file in `admin' is just a cache).
> ?? I don't understand exactly what you mean.

It's because I was vague: the precise way we replace the file by a URL
is left unspecified.

>> I think it's important to try and preserve the property that the tarball
>> contains all the *source* files.  There are currently some files missing
>> there, admittedly, but I'm not completely happy about it.
> What do you mean by "*source*" here?

Same as in the GPL.  Basically "not auto-generated from some other
file".  IIRC the GPL says something like "the preferred form for

> Currently leim/ja-dic/ja-dic.el is generated from SKK-JISYO.L manually
> (i.e. by running M-x skkdic-convert) and then committed as the source
> of ja-dic.elc.

The fact that there is a manual step is not enough to make it "source".


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