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Re: python.el [was: Kickstarter for Emacs]

From: Leo
Subject: Re: python.el [was: Kickstarter for Emacs]
Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2012 09:32:21 +0800
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On 2012-04-20 09:27 +0800, Fabian Ezequiel Gallina wrote:
> With python.el I did something for myself[0] (at first) because I
> needed a python mode that works out of the box and provides minimal
> but robust stuff. I don't need it to be an Eclipse contender, nor a
> full fledged IDE, nor having it integrated with ropemacs and pymacs
> out of the box and do fancy introspection and re-factoring. I needed
> simple, robust stuff (indentation, shell and navigation) for a simple,
> robust language (for my every day work).

I use Emacs's python.el exclusively because I need a simple python mode
for syntax highlighting and running the python interpreter with

I found python.el well written and well integrated with features of GNU
Emacs such as comint, compilation-mode, pdb etc. It has some rough edges
but mainly due to the underlying OS or python interpreter which a new
python mode may have as well. For example, the last time I tried the new
python.el on OSX, it failed miserably. On the face of the list of
features from the new python.el, it seems emacs's python.el already has
most of them.

So I am not terribly interested in a new python.el to replace current
one and bring in all unforeseeable incompatibility problems.


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