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From: Antoine Levitt
Date: Sat, 05 May 2012 17:10:05 +0200
User-agent: Gnus/5.13 (Gnus v5.13) Emacs/24.1.50 (gnu/linux)

05/05/12 16:35, Drew Adams
>> Thanks, but why isn't this done in general-purpose font-lock of email
>> messages?  Why limit this to Gnus?
> Bzzzzt - wrong question.  The question is NOT why we don't extend or 
> generalize
> it to other Emacs email paraphernalia besides Gnus.  The question is why we 
> send
> this crap at all in plain-text messages?
> That such markup might be useful within Org mode or Gnus or even Emacs 
> generally
> is no reason to expose it in plain-text mail.
> We discourage the use of HTML messages in GNU mailing lists.  But then
> Gnus/Org/Emacs goes and rolls its own simulacrum?  And then everyone who is 
> not
> using Emacs for mail has the obligatory privilege of seeing the markup?
> If Gnus/Emacs wants to render HTML or XML markup, great.  Email clients of 
> many
> stripes generally know how to do that, so users do not see the markup itself.
> But whatever Gnus/Emacs decides to do about markup and "looking pretty", 
> please
> keep the markup out of plain-text messages.  Some mailing list subscribers 
> read
> and write mail outside of Emacs (imagine that).  And some mailing lists are
> mirrored to newsgroups and websites that can also be accessed without Emacs
> (imagine that).
> "Font-lock" prettifying doesn't mean a whole lot to the outside world.
> (Note: I would have no problem with the GNU mailing lists NOT discouraging 
> messages.  My point is that we should not (a) discourage HTML and then (b) 
> bring
> in some artisanal, Emacs-specific markup through the back door.  HTML and XML 
> at
> least provide (more or less) standard markup that is supported by many 
> clients.)

The main problem with HTML emails is that they may be rendered
completely garbled depending on the viewer. You can't look at a HTML
message in plain text and make sense of it (of course, these days, HTML
messages usually include a sensible multipart plain text). You're very
welcome to completely ignore two lines of the mail. Then again, you're
just looking for a fight (again?) I'm not willing to get into, so feel
free to ignore this message as well.

Presumably it could be implemented by making it a minor mode that is
turned on by gnus/org by default and can also be turned on by other
modes or by the user?

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