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From: Drew Adams
Date: Sat, 5 May 2012 08:57:29 -0700

> The main problem with HTML emails is that they may be rendered
> completely garbled depending on the viewer. You can't look at a HTML
> message in plain text and make sense of it...

I did not at all argue that the mailing list should encourage HTML.

I made the same point, about Org/Gnus/Emacs markup, that YOU are making about
HTML markup: When viewed as plain text, markup is noise/garbage/nonsense.

> You're very welcome to completely ignore two lines of the mail.

Why should users of plain-text email have to see and then mentally "ignore" any
markup at all?  That's the point.

IOW, I apply your feeling about HTML markup to all markup, including stuff like
#+BEGIN_SRC that Emacs might throw into the mix.

> Presumably it could be implemented by making it a minor mode that is
> turned on by gnus/org by default and can also be turned on by other
> modes or by the user?

You are trying to solve the wrong problem, there.

The question is about what actually gets _sent_ in the email.  It is not about
how to turn on/off markup rendering in Emacs.

It's about people who might not use Gnus or any Emacs mail paraphernalia to read
their mail.  Hard to conceive, no doubt, but there are a few.  Your minor mode
means nothing to them.

Can you say "parochial"?  Using Emacs to read/write mail is not the only way to
do so.

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