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Re: Printing

From: Simon Leinen
Subject: Re: Printing
Date: Mon, 7 May 2012 19:20:35 +0200

> Is anyone already working for supporting multiple types of graphical
> terminals simultaneously?

Simon Leinen wanted to work on this a while ago, but I haven't heard
back from him about it, so I expect he was sufficiently busy with other

Unfortunately that's exactly true.  I never really got started with it, and won't get to it in the near or medium future.  However I'm more than willing to help test this if someone does start implementing this.

It would be a great to be able to use a single Emacs that can display on
a w32 display as well as X11 remote displays.

For me the motivation was similar (except Mac/NextStep instead of w32), but my current workaround is to just use X11 on the Mac.  Improved TTY/X11(/...) coexistence could be another benefit.

I allow myself to quote some useful hints from a private mail you sent me then (almost three years ago):

Stefan> It'd would be a good change, yes.   I don't think anybody has started
Stefan> working on that (the same holds for w32+X11).
Stefan> IIUC, the work necessary to get it to work is as follows:
Stefan> - handle all the necessary renaming (many C functions have the same name
Stefan>   in the different backends).  This may require introducing some
Stefan>   additional indirections to dynamically decide which of the backend
Stefan>   functions to use.  We already have such indirections (to choose betwen
Stefan>   ty and GUI code), so most of the infrastructure should be there
Stefan>   already, but there's most likely still some things missing, especially
Stefan>   for the features which don't exist under ttys.
Stefan> - change the various #ifdefs so that more than one of each GUI's code
Stefan>   can be compiled in at the same time.
Stefan> - try and figure out what to do with all the remaining problems (similar
Stefan>   to what you're saying about the indirect problems introduced by the
Stefan>   multi-tty code, such as ssh-agent issues).  It'll probably be a good
Stefan>   time to fix all the mess we still have around the "x-*" functions
Stefan>   (some of which are X11-specific but others aren't).

Best regards,

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