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Re: Re-including rst.el into Emacs repository

From: Stefan Merten
Subject: Re: Re-including rst.el into Emacs repository
Date: Mon, 07 May 2012 22:06:46 +0200

Hi all!

First step is done :-) .

Last week (7 days ago) Stefan Monnier wrote:
>> May I commit simply the current version to Bazaar or is
>> there a better way?  Also a review of the current version by you may
>> make sense.
> It's basically just a merge, so I don't see any need to do it in more
> than a single commit.

Just committed. I'd appreciate a thorough review.

After that I'd commit a few smaller changes from latest development.

> But please try to keep some reference to the
> "common ancestor" and "tip" of the branch being merged (that's done
> automatically as Bzr metadata when it's a normal merge, but I suspect in
> your case the branch from which you merge is external).

I did this in the log message including a reference to the Docutils
subversion revision.

>> According to the GNU Coding Standards I need to write a ChangeLog
>> entry. I don't see this makes much sense for such a large patch - at
>> least not in the way ChangeLog entries are done according to the GNU
>> Coding Standards. So how to construct a ChangeLog entry which complies
>> with the standards but makes sense?
> Sometimes following the normal ChangeLog rules leads to surprisingly
> manageable results even for large patches.  E.g. all new functions are
> just listed as "new function" without any explanation of what they do,
> so it can stay fairly concise (and even more so for new files, tho
> I suspect in your case that won't help).
> But if the normal ChangeLog is large, we usually try to shorten it with
> things like "adjust all callers" which saves us from mentioning each one
> of the callers when changing a calling convention or a function name.
> Finally, I assume that you do have some kind of ChangeLog already (in
> the form of a list of commit messages), so you might want to just
> reformat those to fit the ChangeLog conventions and not spend too much
> time making them concise: after all, it doesn't hurt much if the commit
> message is more verbose than necessary.

I worked on this and think I ended up in a pretty good result. I used
my result as a log message.

>> My work at rst.el also resulted in some new features. Where to put a
>> description of these features? I think this will be most interesting
>> for a new version of Emacs.
> Put them in etc/NEWS.

I did this in the same commit. I hope I did it right.



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