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Re: Re-including rst.el into Emacs repository

From: Stefan Merten
Subject: Re: Re-including rst.el into Emacs repository
Date: Wed, 30 May 2012 21:15:42 +0200

Hi Stefan!

Today Stefan Monnier wrote:
> But when working between two separate repositories
> that do not share metadata, it's useful to preserve this
> "metadata" explicitly since the VCS won't do it for you.

Ah ok. I agree that this makes sense. I will care about this in the

However, in this case this is really long ago (several years) and has
been done by someone else and it is hard to figure this out now.

So far I never byte-compiled elisp code. I'll try this using the
documentation with the goal of removing the warnings from the
byte-compiler. So far I have one question. Now there are warnings like

        Function `signum' from cl package called at runtime

I guess they come from `cl'. Do I need to care about these?



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