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RE: C-h C-b to view "Reporting Bugs" section of the manual

From: Stephen J. Turnbull
Subject: RE: C-h C-b to view "Reporting Bugs" section of the manual
Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 09:17:56 +0900

Drew Adams writes:

 > > Any objection to a new C-h C-b binding, to jump to the 
 > > "Reporting Bugs" section of the manual:
 > No great objection, but I'd rather not use a help key up for that.  Will you
 > also want to bind a `C-h' key for (emacs) `Language Help'?  And for (emacs)
 > `Apropos'?  And for (emacs) `Coding Systems'?

Different issue.  Binding a key to Reporting Bugs is not for the user
who strokes it, but for the developer who reads the reports.

The problem is that this is not very discoverable; I would guess that
the people who know where to find it don't actually need it.
Furthermore, the need for a quick link will decay rapidly for most

 > Example: In my file `help-fns+.el' I added `C-h M-k' for my `describe-keymap'
 > command.

Speaking of redundant bindings (C-h m ...)

 > Instead of binding `C-h C-b' to take you to (emacs) `Bugs', I'd sooner see us
 > add a link to (emacs) `Bugs' in the doc string of
 > `report-emacs-bug'.

Why there?  That has the same problems as above (except that links
aren't a scarce resource).  The link should be in the blurb that
appears when you invoke r-e-b, where it is obviously useful and
usefully obvious.

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