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RE: C-h C-b to view "Reporting Bugs" section of the manual

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: C-h C-b to view "Reporting Bugs" section of the manual
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 22:28:50 -0700

> here the purpose of putting the Bugs node on a key is to
> make it immediately available to bug reporters.

Well, sure.  Put anything on a key and it is immediately available - via the

In this case, the info is immediately available to bug reporters ... [drumroll]
... who know about that key. ;-)

> This isn't about documenting the use of r-e-b, it's about good
> style in bug reports.

The information about good bug reporting already exists.  This is only about how
to access it.  Do we need a key for that?  Is a key even very helpful for that?
How to find the key?

Or is it enough (and better) to put a link to the info in the bug-reporting
instructions - which you suggested, and which I agreed was a good idea.

My point was that if we added such links to help descriptions _anyway_ then a
direct link would be available for someone looking to find out more about
reporting bugs by checking the command `report-emacs-bug'.  That's all.

> So it would need to be special-cased somehow (I guess you could have a
> generic function that would apropos the obarray and/or the known Info
> nodes, but that might be expensive since it would probably have to hit
> the disk a lot, possibly including decompressing compressed Info
> files).

No idea what that's all about.  Passons...

> The proposal to special-case it as a help key is going in the right
> direction by making it very inexpensive to get to the Bugs node, but I
> question its usefulness because of discoverability concerns.

Me too.  I like your idea of adding a link to the reporting instructions.
That's clearly the best place for discovery.

The point about a link in the help for `report-emacs-bug' was only that that
comes for free if we already provide such a feature for `describe-*' output
generally (which I do, and which is easily done).

No, such a link is not as immediately available as a link in the reporting
instructions.  But it is more discoverable than `C-h C-b' - at least someone who
looks up what `C-h f `report-emacs-bug' is all about will come across it.  (And
it doesn't cost a key binding, which was the original question.)

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