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Re: Not a regression, but shuld go into emacs-24

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Not a regression, but shuld go into emacs-24
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2014 09:05:52 +0200

> position is not needed, I removed it.  It is called portion in
> Motif/Lesstif (xm_scroll_callback) also, thats where it originates.
> x_send_scroll_bar_event itself calls it portion.  xaw_scroll_callback
> calls it portion.  Has not caused any confusion what I know of.  Its a
> tiny cosmetic thing.  Jan D.

I'm currently trying to set up horizontal scroll bars so please help me
clarify this issue.  The comment of x_set_toolkit_scroll_bar_thumb says

/* Set the thumb size and position of scroll bar BAR.  We are currently
   displaying PORTION out of a whole WHOLE, and our position POSITION.  */

That of x_send_scroll_bar_event says

/* Send a client message with message type Xatom_Scrollbar for a
   scroll action to the frame of WINDOW.  PART is a value identifying
   the part of the scroll bar that was clicked on.  PORTION is the
   amount to scroll of a whole of WHOLE.  */

So the term PORTION in x_send_scroll_bar_event seems semantically
equivalent to the term POSITION in x_set_toolkit_scroll_bar_thumb and
not to the term PORTION in x_set_toolkit_scroll_bar_thumb.  Is that
interpretation correct?

Thanks, martin

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