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[elpa] chess.el: Req. for comment/review: Info manual

From: Mario Lang
Subject: [elpa] chess.el: Req. for comment/review: Info manual
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2014 21:23:38 +0200
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I have recently tried to get the chess.el info manual more
complete/useful.  This is my first texi document, and actually the first
time I am trying to document software beyond comments/docstrings and/or
readme's :-).  The basic skeleton of chess.info was created by John
Wiegley in 2002.  I have just added to it, and fixed some incorrect
stubs.  Still, as this is the first info manual I am working on, I'd be
very happy about a bit of external review of my work.  If you have
recently checked out chess.el, or have a love for texi, or both, please
have a look at the latest version in elpa.  I am really happy about any
kind of help here, be it style corrections (I am not a native speaker)
or even some ideas on how to explain things better/more complete.

If you have elpa commit access and find anything valuable, just go ahead
and commit it, I am totally fine with that.

Thanks for your help/time


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