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Re: Finding packages to enable by default

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: Finding packages to enable by default
Date: Sun, 22 Jun 2014 00:51:22 +0300
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>> | winner-mode                                      |      35 |
> If we can come up with good keybindings, then we can indeed enable it
> by default.

`C-x C-left' switches to the previous buffer, so similarly
`C-x M-left' could switch to the previous window configuration.

Also in browser's UI `M-left' switches to the previous page
(roughly corresponding to the window configuration).

>> | windmove                                         |      30 |
> I like this as well.  I'm a little worried about occupying the
> S-<left/right/up/down> bindings, tho: it's pretty easy to keep the shift
> modifier pressed inadvertently.

`S-' conflicts with `shift-select-mode', but since both
`M-S-left' and `C-S-left' are bound to the same command,
`M-S-' could be taken for windmove.

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