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Re: default file for diff-backup

From: Alfred M. Szmidt
Subject: Re: default file for diff-backup
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 17:20:37 -0400

   > There are quite a few cases where the default could be improved for
   > the "RET" case, copy-file, rename-file, delete-file, ...

   But they all already work!

So they seem! Though not clear that they do, it would be nicer if
there was some hint that one could just hint RET.  It is not the
behaviour that `diff' exhibits, where you are at least shown

   At least, if `insert-default-directory' is non-nil, as is the
   default.  That's why I asked whether your patch was meant to
   address the other case.

I think I see what you are saying now, it was unclear to me.  What is
annoying to me, is that there is no mention of a "default" when you
invoke M-x diff-backup (or for the matter, M-x copy-file, rename-file,
...).  M-x diff does have one though, which is really all I want.


  C-x C-f ~/.emacs RET
  M-x copy-file RET
  Copy file: ~/

~/ isn't a file, why would I copy it?  So I type the file I want
instead of just hitting RET, which would give me the default file as
you note.  Where as with the simple modification to diff-backup:

  C-x C-f ~/.emacs RET
  M-x diff-backup RET
  Diff file with backup (default .emacs): ~/

This is far clearer.

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