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Re: Feature Request: Per-package custom save files?

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Feature Request: Per-package custom save files?
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 21:24:14 -0400
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> What I'm mostly looking for is  to have a modular collection of
> custom files -- note -- here I'm explicitly talking about
> customizations for add-on packages -- not for built-ins.

That's still not very clear.  For example, we could split the
customization "by package" (more or less) while still loading all the
customizations at startup.  So it would satisfy your above requirement,
but not the requirement you sent earlier (quoted below).

And it's still not clear how that would change your life, as an Emacs user.

Again, I'm not arguing against it, really, but there are many ways to
"do it" with very different results, and some answers may correspond to
one of your descriptions yet might fail to really solve your problem.
So, if you could give us an example of a concrete problem you face, that
would help.
E.g. "loading my customization file takes too long".
Or "I get lost in my customize-changed".
Or "I share my customization between different systems but some
customizations are system-specific so I don't want to share those".


> Stefan Monnier writes:
>> > 2. My thought around factoring out custom settings into a
>> > canonical per-package custom-settings file was to achieve the
>> > second goal -- not loading settings for packages you dont use --
>> That doesn't really sound like a goal to me.  More specifically, I'd
>> like to know why you care about loading settings you don't use.
>> IOW, let's imagine we change it so that the settings are only loaded
>> once they're needed.  How will you tell the difference?
>> Stefan

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