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What is a keybinds Richard Stallman uses?

From: Лайт Ягами
Subject: What is a keybinds Richard Stallman uses?
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2014 17:45:04 +0400

I have heard sometimes that the default Emacs keybinds was chosen initially for another keyboard form factor, and it could be more comfortable(though I am okay with the defaults anyway, I just told a rumours). E.g. someone proposes to swap the "Ctrl" with the "Caps-Lock".
So I wonder: does Richard Stallman, the creator of Emacs, changed something of the default keybindings in his Emacs?
It is really interesting, because he is a person, who does many programming and uses Emacs, for years. So if he changed something, most probably it is really worthful thing. And if he doesn't -- too :)

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