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Re: [PATCH] Feedback request for x_set_mouse_color on NextSTEP/MacOS

From: Joe Matarazzo
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Feedback request for x_set_mouse_color on NextSTEP/MacOS
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2014 22:48:25 -0700

Some implementation questions:

1. The source tree includes a "left pointer" xbm that I was able to leverage for the arrow cursor. However,
it doesn't visually match the Mac OS system arrow cursor. Also, it doesn't scale well if the Accessibility panel
mouse cursor size slider is used to grow the cursor size. I've found that you need to provide an NSImage
with multiple higher resolution NSImageRep's underneath to get nice scaled cursors.

Would it be preferable to use the included src/bitmaps/leftptr.xbm and adhere to more of an X display, or
adhere more to the style of the GNU/NeXTStep cursors and roll my own bitmap? (This is for the "nontext_cursor"
in nsfns.m)

2. The source tree doesn't have an equivalent i-beam cursor that MacOS uses for the text_cursor, that I could
see. If I end up creating one to match the system style and also provide color control, it influences the answer to
#1, IMO. What guidance can the dev-list offer on this point? Add a new XBM to src/bitmaps or make it 
NS-specific, with the added scaling goodness that follows?


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