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Re: [PATCH] Feedback request for x_set_mouse_color on NextSTEP/MacOS

From: Jan Djärv
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Feedback request for x_set_mouse_color on NextSTEP/MacOS
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2014 17:26:54 +0200


26 aug 2014 kl. 07:48 skrev Joe Matarazzo <address@hidden>:

> Some implementation questions:
> 1. The source tree includes a "left pointer" xbm that I was able to leverage 
> for the arrow cursor. However,
> it doesn't visually match the Mac OS system arrow cursor. Also, it doesn't 
> scale well if the Accessibility panel
> mouse cursor size slider is used to grow the cursor size. I've found that you 
> need to provide an NSImage
> with multiple higher resolution NSImageRep's underneath to get nice scaled 
> cursors.
> Would it be preferable to use the included src/bitmaps/leftptr.xbm and adhere 
> to more of an X display, or
> adhere more to the style of the GNU/NeXTStep cursors and roll my own bitmap? 
> (This is for the "nontext_cursor"
> in nsfns.m)

leftptr.xbm is only used for the old (in practice never used) menu 
implementation.  Normal is to  use platform cursors.  If you can make a good 
image for NS go for it.

> 2. The source tree doesn't have an equivalent i-beam cursor that MacOS uses 
> for the text_cursor, that I could
> see. If I end up creating one to match the system style and also provide 
> color control, it influences the answer to
> #1, IMO. What guidance can the dev-list offer on this point? Add a new XBM to 
> src/bitmaps or make it 
> NS-specific, with the added scaling goodness that follows?

See above.

        Jan D.

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