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Re: over-engineered (and under-standardized) inferior interfaces

From: Michael Albinus
Subject: Re: over-engineered (and under-standardized) inferior interfaces
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2014 10:48:26 +0200
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Sam Steingold <address@hidden> writes:

>>> (setq sql-vertica-default-directory "/ssh:vertica|sudo:address@hidden:")
>>> still results in
>>> Host name must not match method "sudo"

But Tramp isn't activated with that path. See:

>   tramp-file-name-handler(expand-file-name "/ssh:vertica|sudo:dbadmin/" nil)
>   file-accessible-directory-p("/ssh:vertica|sudo:dbadmin/")
>   comint-exec-1("SQL" #<buffer *SQL*> "vsql" nil)
>   comint-exec(#<buffer *SQL*> "SQL" "vsql" nil nil)
>   make-comint-in-buffer("SQL" nil "vsql" nil)
>   apply(make-comint-in-buffer "SQL" nil "vsql" nil nil)
>   make-comint("SQL" "vsql" nil)
>   apply(make-comint "SQL" "vsql" nil nil)
>   sql-comint(vertica nil)
>   sql-product-interactive(vertica nil)
>   sql-vertica(nil)
>   funcall-interactively(sql-vertica nil)
>   call-interactively(sql-vertica record nil)
>   command-execute(sql-vertica record)
>   execute-extended-command(nil "sql-vertica")
>   funcall-interactively(execute-extended-command nil "sql-vertica")
>   call-interactively(execute-extended-command nil nil)
>   command-execute(execute-extended-command)

So you must debug, where the trailing "@vertica:" is replaced by "/".

Best regards, Michael.

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