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RE: Why was `transient-mark-mode' turned off for `delete-selection-mode'

From: Drew Adams
Subject: RE: Why was `transient-mark-mode' turned off for `delete-selection-mode'?
Date: Fri, 5 Sep 2014 10:04:21 -0700 (PDT)

> Try marking a region in emacs -Q with _any_ of the mouse, or with
> shift-cursor, or with C-SPC and some movement.  Then type DEL.
> You'll see that _any_ way of marking a highlighted region will
> cause DEL to delete that region.

Yes, you are right...since Emacs 24.  The mouse is no longer
exceptional in this respect.  I was wrong about that.

Are you glad that deletion-key-deletes-highlighted-selection
behavior was extended beyond the mouse in this way?  Are you
now OK with this behavior in Emacs, in spite of swearing
about it when you encounter it outside Emacs?  Yes?  Good.

So I guess it is just the type-to-replace part of d-s mode
that you still don't like.

Funny how "one can get used to getting annoyed"... and even
come to appreciate or prefer (?!) formerly annoying behavior...

>From arguments against t-m mode (annoying highlighting!),
to arguments against deletion keys deleting the highlighted
selection, to arguments against self-insert keys replacing
the selection,...

I guess you are now used to 2 out of 3 (and actually prefer
their behavior?).  In another 20 years or so we can perhaps
finally go for the 3rd as well, and end up with what the
rest of the world will have been using comfortably for the
past 40 years.

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