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Re: Emacs Lisp's future

From: Phillip Lord
Subject: Re: Emacs Lisp's future
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:08:34 +0100
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Rasmus <address@hidden> writes:

>> Yep, upgrades will be downloads. A number of packages on there are used
>> for integration testing. So, I pull down dash on every checking for
>> several of my projects. In time, I am sure dash will become the most
>> downloaded package because of this.
> I don't "get" dash and s, but lots of people developing more
> impressive things than I will ever be able to do seem happy with it so
> who am I to judge?  When I write a patch, I intend it to become part
> of core, so dash/s are not options.

I think dash just makes list operations a lot easier. So, I use this,
for instance, to nil a tree of markers.

(defun m-buffer-nil-marker (markers)
   (lambda (marker)
     (set-marker marker nil))
   (-flatten markers)))

I could also have done

(--map (set-marker it nil) 
      (-flatten markers))

or even

     (set-marker it nil)

I always found list operation in emacs a bit low-level. Dash also uses a
lot names familar to people from other languages which help. I agree
about getting into core, but with package.el coming on a-pace this might
be less of a worry in future.

>> Once Emacs switches to git, I would guess the percentage of people on
>> this list who do not install magit will shrink to a tiny number. My
>> guesses are often wrong though!
> Magit is nice, and probably for a git gui *the best* you can get, but
> I'm still frustrated by it (how do I format-patch?!) and must often
> default to the terminal.  The manual and things like staging are
> wonderful though.

I drop to the command line also. The manual is good though -- I think it
says "with magit you'll probably only have to drop through to the
command line once a day". True enough.


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