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Re: Emacs Lisp's future

From: K. Handa
Subject: Re: Emacs Lisp's future
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 22:17:46 +0900

In article <address@hidden>, Eli Zaretskii <address@hidden> writes:

> > No, you don't.  There's plenty of private space for those purposes
> > (unless you know of private character sets that use more than two
> > whole planes?)

> I take it that you have studied the charsets for which we use
> codepoints above 0x10FFFF, and concluded that they all fit in the
> 2*64K+6.4K PUA space provided by Unicode?  We have several quite large
> character sets which need that (grep mule-conf.el for ":unify-map" to
> see the list, and see etc/charsets/ for the map files).  I'm not sure
> the PUA space is large enough, but I didn't sum all the numbers.

> In any case, the question why we don't use PUA for this is best
> addressed to Handa-san (CC'ed).

The biggest character set is GB18030 which includes the
whole Unicode characters (including PUA) plus several its
own PUAs.  So, the Unicode character code points are simply
not enough to support the full GB18030.

In addition, almost all 2-byte CJK character sets contain
their own PUAs.  As Emacs doesn't unify characters in those
PUAs with Unicode' PUA characters, we can handle multiple
those character sets at the same time.

Kenichi Handa

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