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Re: Correspondence between web-pages and Info-pages

From: chad
Subject: Re: Correspondence between web-pages and Info-pages
Date: Thu, 1 Jan 2015 02:20:05 -0800

> On 31 Dec 2014, at 20:24, Kelly Dean <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> and using different names for different formats
>>> of a page (Info vs. HTML).
>> No: I specifically don't want to use different names for different formats.
>> Instead I want to use a single name that works both in your web-browser
>> and in Emacs, and that gives the best experience possible in both cases
>> (i.e. in a web-browser it needs to be HTML, and inside Emacs it would
>> have to be Info for now and maybe some HTML-Info in some future).
> But in my original message, I proposed a solution that provides exactly what 
> you're asking for (a single name that works in both web browsers and Info 
> browsers), by using redirects to the HTML or Info page (each of which has its 
> own name). I explained how it would work, and I think it covers all the 
> issues raised in this subthread about how these names should work.

Redirects of this sort wont do what Stefan wants, because once youre
looking at one of the target destinations, the links youll have in
it will be to the post-redirected sources, which breaks on reference.
Put another way, after I go through the redirect, I cant cut-and-paste
the URL from the web browser and have it DTRT.


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