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Re: Correspondence between web-pages and Info-pages

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: Correspondence between web-pages and Info-pages
Date: Fri, 02 Jan 2015 18:24:38 -0500

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  > Suppose Emacs gets an integrated browser, that displays both HTML
  > pages and Info pages. Like Firefox is an integrated browser for
  > HTML and PDF. In the latter case, if some document is available in
  > both versions, you can often pick which one you want by just
  > swapping  .html  vs.  .pdf  at the end of the URL. If both the
  > HTML and PDF versions of a page were named  foo  (or even worse,
  > both were named  foo.html ), how would you pick which one to
  > request from the server?

Does this problem need to be solved?

I want to replace current Info format with an HTML-Info format that
will be valid HTML, used in a stylized way.  This Emacs browser (like
any other browser) will always get our manuals in the form of HTML.
It won't need to try to handle some other format.

If the browser is Info-aware, it will determine from the contents of
the manual whether to implement the Info commands on it.

There will be no need for browsers to try to choose between two
formats of a manual, if the only format we use is a form of HTML.
Rather, the two modes we will want a browser to handle are (1) locally
installed files and (2) files fetched with http over the web.
Since the same files could be accessed either way, we want to make
sure that the same file contents work both ways.  This affects how
cross-refereces have to be handled.

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