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Re: package.el dependencies

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: package.el dependencies
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 10:54:56 +0100

Artur Malabarba <address@hidden> writes:

>> I don't think it will be enough, we will have to store also a plain list
>> of the package to autoremove because the info about the dependencies in
>> package-alist will not be anymore available when deinstalling a package
>> unless autoremove is launched right now before quitting emacs, which is
>> not what we want.
> I think the orphan dependencies should be autoremoved immediately
> after the package is deleted,

No, not necessarily, it should not be an obligation, one can delete a
package and make a cleanup later, it is what apt-get does.  

> so we don't need to save a list of packages to be autoremoved. Here
> are two ways I can see it happen.
> 1. When the user marks packages for deletion and then hits x, the
> package transaction is performed as usual. Afterwards, we run a
> function which loops through all packages and detect the ones that are
> not needed by anything nor installed explicitly (the orphans) and
> offer to delete them too.

No, see above.

> I agree. Why would we have kept it in this list? If a package is
> deleted (without a newer version installed) it is removed from the
> list.

You assume the dependencies unneeded are removed straight after
deleting, which is not the case.

>> package-alist, so we will have to fetch these infos again, recompute the
>> autoremove list etc... IMO it is simpler to delete the package from the
>> packages-installed-directly list as soon it is removed and store also the
>> autoremove list.
> Why does this imply the need for an autoremove list?

Same see above.

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