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Re: package.el dependencies

From: Thierry Volpiatto
Subject: Re: package.el dependencies
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2015 07:10:34 +0100

Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> writes:

>>> You can integrate the data into package-alist, but it needs to be stored
>>> elsewhere since it needs to be stored into a file (my preference is to
>>> store it into a Custom var and rely on Custom to save that into a file).
>> I don't think it will be enough, we will have to store also a plain list
>> of the package to autoremove because the info about the dependencies in
> No, that's not needed.  We can do a GC-like traversal to compute which
> members of package-alist aren't (transitively) required by the manually
> installed packages (and should hence be auto-removed).

Ok done, still not able to customize-set-variable though, for some
reason it doesn't write to my custom file.


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