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Re: [Proposed Minor-mode] Speed of thought Lisp

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: [Proposed Minor-mode] Speed of thought Lisp
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 2015 17:37:23 -0200

2015-01-25 12:49 GMT-02:00 Stefan Monnier >>    - C-c f :: Find
function under point. If it is not defined, create a
>>    definition for it below the current function and leave point inside.
>>    - C-c v :: Same, but for variable.
> For variables (and macros and defsubst), it's important that the
> declaration be before rather than "below".  For plain functions I also
> like to define them before I use them, tho it's not indispensable.

Good point, I'll change that.

>> Cheers to all, and please let me hear your thoughts!
> Sounds neat.  Even neater would be to make the list dynamic.
> As suggested on g.e.h, it could do a "completion with `initials' style",
> selecting the first completion, with sorting based on frequency hints.

I'm happy to change and extend the abbrevs to something based on usage
frequency of current Emacs core, but implementing a completion system
would just feel like reinventing abbrevs. Also, these expansions work
best as a complement to tab-completion, not as
yet-another-tab-completion. While tab-completion handles user-defined
symbols which are project-dependent and can change at any time, these
abbrevs offer a fixed set of symbols that are always useful and easy
to remember.

Unless you meant to sort based on the user's current usage frequency
(something dynamic), but that would be a whole other beast to tackle
and I wouldn't even be sure where to start :-).

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