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Re: Package installation messages

From: Bozhidar Batsov
Subject: Re: Package installation messages
Date: Fri, 15 May 2015 07:49:39 +0300

While I can live without the compilation warnings (and many users are scared by them) I've found and fixed a ton of compilation warnings in various packages, because they we're displayed so prominently. Maybe this should be an optional behaviour or they should simply be dumped into **Messages*.

As for the messages themselves - yeah, anything featuring a summary of the operation that started and ended would do IMO. Some progress indicator would be awesome (maybe counting down the operations that are remaining or something).  

On 15 May 2015 at 05:24, Kaushal <address@hidden> wrote:
I actually like the hassle-free install process. If I mark stuff with `i` or `U` followed by `x`, I mean to download and install those packages in one go. I have been spoilt by how it is currently; would be good to at least have an option to keep it that way.

I have never needed to do `C-g` while an installation is going on.  But I can understand how that can cause problem.

I also like the clutter-free installation process, without the compilaiton buffer popping up.
If the "Transaction started" message is cryptic, it can probably be replaced with something that indicates that package(s) are being installed; or something like below?

    Package Manager: In progress [upgrade(<num>), install(<num>), delete(<num>)] ...

Once everything is done,
    Package Manager: Done [Upgraded(<num>), Installed(<num>), Deleted(<num>)].
Regarding the 3 options:
1. I wouldn't mind that as I can always enable that in my emacs config
2. Can't comment on this as I don't understand the how-to or implications of using a "background process"
3. I believe that people who have the Paradox package installed wouldn't be affected by this right?

Kaushal Modi

On Thu, May 14, 2015 at 10:00 PM, Stefan Monnier <address@hidden> wrote:
>> 1. Keep the feature but disable by default. Async refreshing would still
>> be enabled.
> I'd rather we not keep options for behavior nobody has specifically
> asked for.

I asked for it.  But after using it I agree that it sucks UI-wise.
I think to make it work better, we'd need to make the download and the
install more separate.  E.g. when the download is done, rather than go
ahead and perform the install, inform the user that the download is done
and the install process can proceed, but wait for the user to
explicitly say "install now".


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