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Re: dired-hide-details-mode, how to customize?

From: Michael Heerdegen
Subject: Re: dired-hide-details-mode, how to customize?
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2015 22:55:02 +0200
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Hi jenia.ivlev

> I want to customize the dired-hide-details-mode.
> Or, more precisely, to customize the columns that appear when this mode
> is disabled. For example, to add a column that shows the `wc -l` for
> each file and so on.
> Maybe someone knows where is the definition of what will appear, in
> the columns in dired, when you do `M-x dired-hide-details-mode`?

dired is more or less just an ls output with some font locking and text
properties added.  What you call columns does not exist as such in the
code.  See `dired-insert-directory' and `dired-insert-set-properties'
how that works internally.

You are a bit luckier if you use ls-lisp.el, this makes things a bit
more configurable because it implements `insert-directory' in Elisp.

But you won't get lucky with what you want to do.  If you change the
contents of the dired buffer, this will probably break the rest of the
mode.  Parts of the code assume that the contents look like normal ls
output.  You would have to reduplicate large amounts of dired's defuns
to change that..

> But I can't find the definition of `dired-hide-details-detail`.
> Can someone tell me, where can I find it?

That's just a symbol (without any kind of definition) used as a flag.



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