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Re: ASCII-folded search [was: Re: Upcoming loss of usability ...]

From: Juri Linkov
Subject: Re: ASCII-folded search [was: Re: Upcoming loss of usability ...]
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2015 01:27:07 +0300
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> Isearch has a couple of toggles like case-fold, isearch-invisible and now
> char-fold.
> After updating, I noticed that the prompt for the regular `C-s` is now
> "Char-fold Isearch: ".
> Should that "Char-fold" prefix be there? If so, we should also display what
> other isearch options are in effect (case-fold, etc).
> Suggestion:
> - The prefix be kept the same as before ("Isearch: ") for brevity.
> - The moment a user starts Isearch (or when user calls a command during
> Isearch using some binding), the effective isearch properties are flashed
> in the echo area. That "flashing" would look just as the case-sensitivity
> state is flashed on hitting `M-c` during isearch. An example of such
> flashed message could be
>     [Case-fold: on Char-fold: on  Search-invisible: off]
> - If we don't want to flash that message, the message can be displayed and
> be allowed to stay there till user starts/resumes typing in the minibuffer.
> Thoughts?

This will be fixed by bug#12988.  I'll send the latest patch there.

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