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Re: ASCII-folded search [was: Re: Upcoming loss of usability ...]

From: Artur Malabarba
Subject: Re: ASCII-folded search [was: Re: Upcoming loss of usability ...]
Date: Fri, 26 Jun 2015 22:56:29 +0100

2015-06-26 21:34 GMT+01:00 Drew Adams <address@hidden>:
> [...]

Just to be clear, when I talk about the possibility of this being
futurely implemented, I'm referring to the "independent" part, not the
"multiple" part.
I agree multiple char folding is where this should go, I just don't
agree it is important for these multiple options to be  visually
distinguishable (or independently toggleable) during isearch.

May be you can convince me otherwise. But I think that most users will
never customize the equivalence class used. From those that do
customize it, most will never toggle it during interactive searches.
>From those that do toggle it, most of them will prefer an
"all-or-nothing" toggle/indicator.

And then there are the few of the few of the few who wish they could
see which equiv-classes are on or off, or wish they could toggle them
independently during isearch. Which is great! But we shouldn't come up
with a complex interface to satisfy this need if it's just gonna
confuse a lot of other people.

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