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Re: xref and leaving "temporary" buffers open

From: Nix
Subject: Re: xref and leaving "temporary" buffers open
Date: Wed, 29 Jul 2015 16:02:23 +0100
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On 28 Jul 2015, Dmitry Gutov said:

> On 07/27/2015 08:34 PM, Nix wrote:
>> (However, this would tend to break
>> third-party modes that open lots of extra buffers -- but how many of
>> those are there? It's mostly things, like Gnus, that implement whole
>> multi-buffer applications inside Emacs, I think. There seem to be
>> arguments in favour both of the local variable to mark temporariness and
>> the local variable to mark *non*-temporariness...)
> A variable to mark temporariness might help a lot, actually. As long as it 
> very obvious to the caller, so that we don't end up with
> heaps of hidden buffers, without any of them marked as temporary.

Yeah. At the moment tempbuf.el works quite well for those of us who like
their buffer lists neat and tidy, but it is necessarily a kludge. I
applaud the search for something better.

(I have actually in the past wondered if it would be nice to have
buffers structured into directories somehow so you could normally ignore
unrelated buffers, but have come to the conclusion that better
navigation is the answer. For me, GNU GLOBAL-driven semantic.el
navigation via CEDET and Icicles-based switch-by-content has sufficed to
control even Emacsen with thousands of buffers open... though this is
mostly Semantic's fault, since it opens files to parse them and often
forgets to close them again. This is something that would definitely
benefit from a temporary-buffer marking, since you certainly can't use
the mode of such buffers as a hint.)

NULL && (void)

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