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Re: Tooltips GC overhead

From: martin rudalics
Subject: Re: Tooltips GC overhead
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 21:53:47 +0200

> According to my testing, over 80% of consing happens inside
> face-spec-recalc which is called by face-set-after-frame-default on
> all the known faces.

What's so special about `face-spec-recalc'?

> I guess your numbers above are from a non-Q session with a lot of
> additional faces, because in "emacs -Q" I get "only" about 15000
> conses from a single tool-tip.

Correct.  emacs -Q gets me 9324 conses and 3546 vectors.

> So maybe one other idea is to skip faces that are obviously unused in
> tip frames.

Hmmm...  Maybe I should reduce the number of my faces.  They seem to
cause a combinatory explosion.

> Or maybe we should just make gc-cons-threshold higher ;-)

I have a problem with overlays or visibility specification which
occasionally causes an inexplicable 5-10 secs delay here.  Then I
started to display the number of GC cycles in the modeline to find out
whether GC is responsible and accidentally noticed that tooltips cause
more GCs than anything else.  Funnily there's never a disruptive effect
due to GC.

> This is not new, btw: Emacs 24.1 exhibits approximately the same
> numbers, Emacs 23 conses only two thirds of that, and Emacs 22.3 one
> third.

So with Emacs 22.3 you had one GC every ninth tooltip?


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