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Re: include new package wconf.el in GNU ELPA

From: Ingo Lohmar
Subject: Re: include new package wconf.el in GNU ELPA
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2015 22:58:59 +0200
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On Thu, Jul 30 2015 21:17 (+0200), Tassilo Horn wrote:

> Ingo Lohmar <address@hidden> writes:
> Hi Ingo,
>> I've been using my small single-purpose package wconf.el
>> https://github.com/ilohmar/wconf for a while now and I am very happy
>> with it.  The code is all mine and I have signed the FSF papers.  Now
>> I would like to put it into an elpa for visibility --- is it ok if I
>> upload it into the GNU elpa (I have commit rights)?
> Then I think all prerequisites are set.
>> The package does nothing but offer a simple mechanism to switch
>> between different window configurations of a single frame, and to
>> persist them across sessions.
> Looks simple and useful.  I'll try it out when I find some spare time.
> I seldomly use window configurations mainly because I don't like that
> window configs also restore point and selected window.  Basically, I'd
> prefer that when I restore a window config, the point values stay as
> they are for all the buffers which are part of the current window config
> and the one I'm switching to.  Likewise, I'd like to have the window
> selected which displays the same buffer as the selected window in the
> current window config in case the window config I'm switching to also
> has a window displaying that buffer.  Does wconf have a knob for that?
> (If not and you add one, you have a new user for sure. :-))
> One comment on the code: I dislike the practice of having a normal
> package name and then use an abbreviated prefix in the actual code.
> wconf is a short name anyway, so IMHO there is no benefit of defining
> the functions and variables with the abbreviated wc- prefix instead of
> wconf-.  But there is the obvious downside of likely clashes with
> private stuff from users with the initials WC.  So I'd suggest to change
> that before it pops up in the package list and people start using,
> configuring, and extending it.
> A similar thing applies to the file where window configs are stored
> which is currently window-configs.el.  I'd rather go with something
> which makes the connection to your package completely obvious, e.g.,
> wconf-window-configs.el.
> Bye,
> Tassilo

Hi Tassilo,

Thanks for your comments!  I have some showstoppers to fix that Dmitry
spotted, and then I'll think about the prefix stuff and will probably
change it.

I have not thought about the point and window business yet, so there's
no option.  Generally I am wary of dealing with window-config details
(which I did in a much earlier version of the package), but this seems
like a general and useful switch to have.. Maybe I will add that.  It
would help me if you could add a github issue describing the option
behavior, otherwise I'll try to keep a note myself.


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