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Re: font-lock-syntactic-keywords obsolet?

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: font-lock-syntactic-keywords obsolet?
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2016 23:32:05 +0300
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On 06/20/2016 11:08 PM, Alan Mackenzie wrote:

C++ template delimiters (and the like in Java) get parenthesis syntax in
code, but not when in a string.

OK, good.

Does C++ mode in master support raw strings already? Is there a limit on how far you look for the end of the raw string, and if yes, how much is it?

Stefan already addressed that:

He sort of addressed it.  The code which implements
syntax-propertize-extend-region-functions is not fully general.  For the
general case, you'd need to supplement such a function with a mode
specific before-change function.

This is unsubstantiated.

But like he said, normally, you just don't.

He's wrong.  You have, say, in C++ "a < b, c > d", which has been given
s-t properties as a template.  You insert "=" after ">".  That
necessitates de-propertising the "<" as well as the ">".

That's only an issue if `>' is on a different line than `<'. But yes, syntax-propertize-extend-region-functions exist for a reason.

They're handy in the usual case.

If by "usual" you just mean the majority of cases you've encountered while using and developing CC Mode.

Oh, I'm pretty "educated" about syntax-ppss, thank you very much -
educated enough to submit bug reports about it.

Just one, and you like reminding us about it every chance you can.

I'm hoping that, by doing so, it'll get fixed by somebody who isn't me,
given how much I dislike the function.  Please do fix it, like you
suggested somewhere else today.

You've already expressed dislike for my solution. But sure, I will.

<sigh>.  The meaning we've already established over several posts is
syntax-table text properties whose setting, or lack thereof, is
influenced by arbitrarily distant text in the buffer.  You have asserted
that there exist such text properties in Ruby Mode.

You still haven't asked a specific question. By now, I've given a thorough enough explanation of how things can go wrong that I have a hard time understanding what kind of example you want.

So, again: what question do you want answered? "Tell me something more" is just wasting my time.

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