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Re: font-lock-syntactic-keywords obsolet?

From: Dmitry Gutov
Subject: Re: font-lock-syntactic-keywords obsolet?
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2016 02:30:44 +0300
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On 06/21/2016 01:45 AM, John Wiegley wrote:

There is really no need for this kind of tone. Alan is striving to solve a

No, he's not. He doesn't have a specific problem he's trying to solve, just a lot of opinions and one flimsy, tangentially related, bug report.

What he's doing, third time around now (?), is making misleading comments in public, then arguing a lot, and never budging in his stance one iota.

If you think my comments are not helpful, I can shut up, of course. And save a lot of time doing that.

let's help him find the best solution, rather than criticizing his
efforts. If before/after-change-functions is not a general solution as-is, all
we need are some examples to demonstrate this.

I gave several explanations and examples. There is no way I can continue doing that if the explanations are waved off with opinionated "bad design" comments, and examples with "I've never had that kind of problem".

Here's an example in Ruby:

    a = `def

    b = :`

If you add ` at the end of the first line, the code will have one meaning (with the last ` character having syntax-table property "symbol"). Without it, another meaning, and no syntax-table property on the last character.

Now mentally insert 300000 lines of code between these lines, none of them containing the character `. And imagine yourself adding and removing the ` character at the end of the first line.

If Emacs is supposed to keep the syntax-table value on the last character up to date using after-change-functions, it will have to scan the whole 300000 line buffer after every keypress.


With clever enough caching (to be implemented by someone highly motivated), I suppose it's possible to avoid having this problem on *every* keypress. But having to do that even on some of them is bad enough.

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