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Re: [Emacs-diffs] feature/integrated-elpa 4f6df43 15/23: README added

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: [Emacs-diffs] feature/integrated-elpa 4f6df43 15/23: README added
Date: Sun, 18 Sep 2016 18:59:06 -0400
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SM> Exactly. So if you have a package both in emacs.git and elpa.git, you're
SM> going to have to choose which of those two is the "upstream" and then be
SM> extra careful to tell people to only ever make changes on that side, which
SM> I think will prove inconvenient.
> Maybe, but is it more inconvenient than the alternatives? I'm not sure what
> the competing proposals are, exactly, at this point.

The competing proposal is to have a checkout of elpa.git
within/alongside that of emacs.git.


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