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Re: Using CEDET modules from Emacs core

From: Edward John Steere
Subject: Re: Using CEDET modules from Emacs core
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2017 09:40:00 +0200
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>> Which CEDET features would we want to use from core?
> For one, I'd like to see more major modes come with support for Semantic
> right in the major mode's own definition (rather than have it part of
> CEDET).  E.g. for Elisp mode, CC-mode, ...
> The idea is to get to the point where Semantic support is just another
> thing that a major mode should aim to support alongside syntax-tables,
> indentation, font-lock, outline-minor-mode, ...

This sounds like a great idea!  Semantic appears to be to be stable
enough that we might want to consider extracting it from CEDET in core
like EIEIO was.

Perhaps it's worth considering this line of thought: that are parts of
CEDET which are worthy of becoming part of Emacs proper.  As Stefan
said, semantic is a perfect example of something which built in modes
could benefit from.

There are other parts of CEDET which I don't think meet the criteria of
being stable and general enough that they should be considered for this.
Such as EDE and the external databases for semantic db.  All of which
are useful, but unstable (and sometimes very slow) and I feel like they
shouldn't be expected as part of the core editing experience --
i.e. that one should have to buy into their use.

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