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Re: Using CEDET modules from Emacs core

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: Using CEDET modules from Emacs core
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2017 22:33:17 -0500
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SM> For one, I'd like to see more major modes come with support for Semantic
SM> right in the major mode's own definition (rather than have it part of
SM> CEDET). E.g. for Elisp mode, CC-mode, ...
SM> The idea is to get to the point where Semantic support is just another
SM> thing that a major mode should aim to support alongside syntax-tables,
SM> indentation, font-lock, outline-minor-mode, ...
> Is the semantic support really at the point of warranting that?

What more would you want?

> Does it have many users currently?

Chicken, meet Egg!

> Is it something major-modes would want to include default support for?

It provides a functionality that's usually requested by users, so I'm
surprised you'd ask.

We don't have enough infrastructure support in general for "advanced"
editing functionality such as type/scope-aware completion.  So we have
various add-on thingies (like company-mode, cedet, and auto-complete)
which provide such support for specific modes, but really these should
move to core, so that major modes can themselves provide support for
such completion.

I've done some of that with completion-at-point-functions and moving
some company-<foo>.el to <foo>-mode.el, but there's a lot more to do.


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