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Re: html, css, and js modes working together

From: Stefan Monnier
Subject: Re: html, css, and js modes working together
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2017 02:02:37 -0500
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> Sorry, maybe it wasn't clear, but the quoted paragraph above comes from
> the elisp manual.  (info "(elisp) Window Point")
> That's what that section of the manual is about too.

Hmm... sorry, I obviously spend too much time with too many windows and
tend to forget that the "usual" way to use Emacs is a single window, and
`switch-to-buffer` whereas for me it means "go over to the other window
that shows the other buffer".

But to my defense: you tricked me.  You started with:

>> It seems to me that switching windows should call
>> cursor-sensor-functions.  What do you think?

and then ended with:

>>    As far as the user is concerned, point is where the cursor is, and
>> when the user switches to another buffer, the cursor jumps to the
>> position of point in that buffer.

Notice how in the first case you switch windows and in the second you
switch buffers?  Very different cases (and yes, cursor-sensor-functions
should probably be called in some cases when switching buffer in
a window).


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