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ENWC Development

From: Ian Dunn
Subject: ENWC Development
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2017 19:58:31 -0500
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Hey everyone,

I'd like to reboot enwc (the Emacs network client), and could use some help 
from anyone interested.

1. The information on elpa is outdated; I migrated enwc from bazaar to 
mercurial months ago, so that needs to be updated (Apologies for not mentioning 
this sooner).  Would it be easier if I had access to the elpa repo to make the 
changes myself?  I'd like to continue development on the Savannah repo enwc 
has, but I wouldn't mind syncing it to elpa myself after each release.

2. I'd like to support NetworkManager and Wicd, despite the latter's apparent 
death, but I've also looked into conn man and netctl.  What does everyone here 

3. Finally, I'd appreciate help testing enwc.  I run NetworkManager myself, so 
that's likely to get the most testing, but I'd hate to see the others fall into 
disrepair.  Even something simple such as running a few commands and telling me 
it didn't work would be helpful.  If anyone would like to take it a step 
further and maintain one of the backends, that'd be even better.

Ian Dunn

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