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Re: ENWC Development

From: Clément Pit-Claudel
Subject: Re: ENWC Development
Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2017 14:50:34 -0500
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On 2017-02-15 21:21, Ian Dunn wrote:
> Thank you Clément, both for your help and your quick response.  Would
> it be too much trouble to try it from the hg repo on Savannah? ( hg
> clone  http://hg.savannah.nongnu.org/hgweb/enwc/ )  Same question for
> anyone else interested, and I understand if you choose not to.

Sorry for the delay.  I now get the following backtrace when running enwc-setup:

Debugger entered--Lisp error: (dbus-error "No device found for the requested 
  signal(dbus-error ("No device found for the requested iface."))
  dbus-call-method(:system "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" 
"/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager" "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" 
"GetDeviceByIpIface" :timeout 25000 :string "eth0")
  apply(dbus-call-method :system "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" 
"/org/freedesktop/NetworkManager" "org.freedesktop.NetworkManager" 
"GetDeviceByIpIface" :timeout 25000 (:string "eth0"))
  enwc-nm-dbus-call-method("GetDeviceByIpIface" nil nil :string "eth0")
  apply(enwc-nm-dbus-call-method "GetDeviceByIpIface" nil nil (:string "eth0"))
  enwc-nm-dbus-default-call-method("GetDeviceByIpIface" :string "eth0")
  (setq enwc-nm-wired-dev (enwc-nm-get-device-by-name enwc-wired-device) 
enwc-nm-wireless-dev (enwc-nm-get-device-by-name enwc-wireless-device))
  enwc--load([cl-struct-enwc-backend nm enwc-nm-can-load-p enwc-nm-load 
enwc-nm-unload enwc-nm-get-networks enwc-nm-scan enwc-nm-get-wireless-nw-props 
enwc-nm-connect enwc-nm-disconnect enwc-nm-get-current-nw-id 
enwc-nm-check-connecting enwc-nm-is-wired])
  (if (not (or force (enwc--can-load-p new-backend))) (warn "Backend %s is not 
usable." backend) (enwc--load new-backend) (setq enwc--current-backend 
  (let ((new-backend (map-elt enwc-registered-backend-alist backend))) (if 
new-backend nil (error "No registered backend %s" backend)) (if (not (or force 
(enwc--can-load-p new-backend))) (warn "Backend %s is not usable." backend) 
(enwc--load new-backend) (setq enwc--current-backend new-backend)))
  enwc-load-backend(nm nil)
  (if enwc--setup-done nil (enwc-load-default-backend 
enwc-force-backend-loading) (if enwc-display-mode-line (progn 
(enwc-enable-display-mode-line))) (if (and enwc-auto-scan (> 
enwc-auto-scan-interval 0) (not enwc-scan-timer)) (progn (setq enwc-scan-timer 
(run-at-time t enwc-auto-scan-interval 'enwc-scan t)))) (setq enwc--setup-done 

I get a similar message for M-x enwc: 'dbus-call-method: D-Bus error: "No 
device found for the requested iface."'.

I used this set-up code:

  (add-to-list 'load-path "~/.emacs.d/lisp/enwc/") ;; local hg clone
  (require 'enwc nil t)
  (setq enwc-default-backend 'nm)

Looking more at the backtrace, I gathered that I needed this:

(setq enwc-wired-device "enp0s25")
(setq enwc-wireless-device "wlp5s0")

With this added scanning worked: I got a list of wireless networks!

Some small requests: Instead of throwing and error, could enwc automatically 
figure out (possibly by prompting me) what my wired and wireless interfaces 
are?  Also: sorting the list of networks by clicking a header should ideally 
not scroll it (currently, sorting by e.g. Essid will sometimes scroll all but 
two or three networks out of the screen).


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